UCW Volume 1  $10.00 plus tax & shipping   This DVD is the first ever UCW DVD, from the first UCW show ever run. Live from Anderson, SC Civic Center. This DVD has great matches with UCW STARS, Perry Saturn, Mike Sanders, N.W.O.'s STING,  The Disco Inferno,The Shooter, Glacier, Sgt Buddy Lee Parker, Blue Blood- Squire Dave Taylor, Sonny Siaki, The Late- Damien Steele, Johnny Swinger and many more. Announced by DAVID PENZER of WCW & TNA Wrestling.

Clash of the Champions I          $10.00 plus tax & shipping

UCW's first Clash of the Champions was held at the historic COBB COUNTY CIVIC CENTER, in Atlanta, GA.

This event was epic, as LEX LUGER made his frst appearance since the demise of WCW. Looking absolutely fantastic, in old Total package form, as he tags with N.W.O.'s STING !

Also a steel cage match blood bath for the UCW Hardcore & King of the Cage Titles, with The Shooter vs Mr. #1 George South, also in action Buff Bagwell, Scottie Wrenn, The Disco Inferno, Johnny Swinger, Chris Hamrick, The S.A.T's, the Feature Presentation Jeff Lewis, R-TRUTH Ron Killings (RAP Performance)Bambi, Peggy Lee, Mike Sanders and many many more. Includes opening clips of  SUN DOMINGO in Concert before the show. Hosted by Pro Wrestling Illustrated Writer and UCW Commentator DAN PARRIS. Announced by Dan Masters.




XTREME SPRING STAMPEDE  $10.00 plus tax & shipping

Another UCW Super Card! Xtreme Spring Stampede DVD has it all!!!

This event featured The Barbarian, & Demolition AX vs The Shooter & Buff Bagwell in a hardcore match beyond belief! And you won't beleive who get's thrown from the balcony thru a Budweiser truck winsheild below!

Also in action the Rock & Roll Express' Ricky Morton, Lash LeRoux, Sidney, TNA'sTraci Brooks vs ODB, all 3 members of the Midnight Express in six man tag team action (Loverboy Dennis Condrey, Sweet Stan Lane & Beautiful Bobby Eaton, Alan Funk-aka KWEE WEE, Mr. #1 George South, Brad Anderson, David Flair, the Boogaloo Crew- Scottie Wrenn & J.C. DAZZ, and more.

Also Johnny Swinger surrenders his UNIVERSAL TITLE as he heads off to WWE.

Hosted by Dan Parris & UCW former Commissioner, Dr. Tom Prichard.

VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE   $10.00 plus tax & shipping

Enjoy your Valentine's with roses, candy & beat downs!

This DVD is the first ever in the VALENTINE'S MASSACRE Series.

Featuring a Hardcore Cage Match- main event with the Shooter vs the UCW HARDCORE CHAMPION,Ticking Time Bomb- Scottie Wrenn!

Also featured on this great video: The Barbarian, Ricky Morton, ODB, Trinity, Perry Saturn, George South, Disco Inferno, David Flair, The Carolina Connection, Black Out, Jason King, Cruizer & Norton Lewis with Sensational Summer, Chris Hamrick, Michael Judas aka Michael Adrian, the Feature Presentation - Jeff Lewis, Johnny Swinger and many more!

Hosted by Jeremy Borash of TNA Wrestling & UCW Commentators Jason Martin & Dan Parris. 


UCW INVASION  $10.00 plus tax & shipping

Asheville, NC Civic Center was the site of this historic event! As BIG POPPA PUMP- Scott Steiner made his first appearance in a wrestling ring since his departure from WWE.

On this night the STEINER BROTHERS reunited on of professional wrestling greatest tag teams!

Also featured- The Shooter, Hardcore Champion- The Barbarian, Mr. #1 George South, American Heavyweight Champ- Ricky Morton, TLC - UCW TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH, with the BOOGALOO CREW- Scottie Wrenn & J.C. Dazz take on the Carolina Connection, Feature Presentation- Jeff Lewis, Morbid, Chris Hamrick, Viper, KC Thunder, Sonny Landell, Dawn Renae, Disco Inferno & more

Hosted by Ralph Harkey, Jason Martin & Dan Parris

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