By UCW Coorespondent:  Steven Goforth gust 23rd, 2005


              I had the distinct honor of interviewing one of the greatest personalities in the wrestling business, Buff Bagwell! Buff is back in the wrestling business doing what he does best in the UCW (Universal Championship Wrestling) federation. Below is my interview with Buff in its entirety.

Steven: Buff, first of all, thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me and I’m glad to see you back in the ring on a regular basis again. I would like to start out by asking you what has drawn you to sign last year with the UCW organization and how has your experience been so far?

Buff: UCW is the Hottest Independent company going. I work for Indy companies worldwide, and UCW is #1. Buff can be found were the best are at.

Steven: How has it been working with your old partner Scott Steiner again?

Buff:  This will be the first time in a long time I have worked with SCOTTY, But the past was Great and I am very excited about seeing him in UCW.

Steven: Not to long ago, I understand you met with Vince McMahon during UCW’s Invasion of the Armageddon PPV. How did that meeting go with Vince and what was discussed?

Buff: After the UCW INVASION at the BILO CENTER in GREENVILLE, SC, they saw the fans interest in us and that led to the PPV invite. Vince knows I am one of the most worked stars on the INDY CIRCUIT, but a WWE contract is up in the air.

Steven: Getting back to UCW, do you feel they can be a big competitor in the Independent ranks and not only draw in more big names like yourself but also elevate potential up and coming stars?

Buff: In the world of wrestling competition is missing. TNA WRESTLING is the only company to step up against WWE with a major television deal, and UCW blows them out of the water. As far as talent goes UCW’s roster speaks volumes.

Steven: Do you feel like wrestling is declining when it comes to the quality of storylines we are seeing these days? I remember talking with you at the Smackdown tapings that took place in Greenville, SC and we both agreed that some of the current storylines being used by WWE were well below standard. An example of this was the Tough Enough contests.

Buff: My personal opinion there is to much time spent on DIVA SEARCHES, and INTERVIEWS/ BACKSTAGE SPOTS. The people want to see wrestling. WCW brought the fans wrestling, and UCW is the new WCW.

Steven: Where do you want to see yourself in 5 years? Do you want to remain in the wrestling business or focus your attention elsewhere?

Buff: Professional wrestling is what I love and what I know. No one can predict the future, but I see my self still wrestling and with UCW.

Steven: We all know that Buff Bagwell is classic for surprising the fans with his storylines. Your character has been a “face” at times, yet you could turn “heel” on someone in a heartbeat. What can we expect to see from Buff in UCW?

Buff: When it comes to my character, what got me over in this business, was ELEMENT OF SURPRISE! I didn’t even know what I would donext. But regardless BUFF always shows his STUFF.

Steven: Is there any particular wrestler you have worked with in the past that you would absolutely not want to work with again? If so, why?

Buff: STEVIE RAY of Harlem Heat. He was absolutely horrible.

Steven: Looking back on your successful wrestling career, what stands out as a big career highlight for you?

Buff: Being initiated and invited to join the N.W.O. on Monday NITRO in Salisbury, MD

Steven: What inspires you to go out and put on the best show possible for the fans week in and week out?

Buff: Unlike other I always bring the GAME. I am always in shape and have professional matches, no matter if 100 or 5000 people are in attendance. I always wrestle the same, “WIDE ASS OPEN”.

Steven: Do you have your eyes set on the UCW Championship, and if so, can you put this organization on your shoulders and take it to the next level?

Buff: Any place I wrestle I want to be a champion, now I want to showcase my skils as a singles competitor as well. When I win the UCW UNIVERSAL TITLE, there is no doubt I will take UCW above and beyond the next level.

Steven: Lastly, you have a big UCW show coming up in Ashville, NC on August 28th. What can the fans expect from Buff Bagwell at that show?

Buff: I would like to tell you something different, but as I said before, no matter if it’s ASHEVILLE, NC, ROME, GA or MIAMI BEACH, FL, BUFF will be 100% BUSINESS!!!

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