By Michael Brooks

Main Event

                        Universal  Championship                                 Champion -Buff Bagwell w/ Miss Jackie Haas defeated Chase Stevens 

After the match Stevens attacked Bagwell, and The Spoiler 2000 ran down and assisted, as they continued to beat Bagwell down, Stevens, grabbed a mic, and started a verbal assault as well. But The Shooter & Ryan Genesis, ran in for the save. Bagwell vowed revenge on the next show in Mount Pleasant scheduled for Saturday, JANUARY 16TH 2010, at UCW's BATTLE of the BELTS


Mixed Tag Team Match

Chavo Guerrero & Jazz defeated Simply Luscious & Galan Rameriz

Hardcore Match

The Shooter defeated The Spoiler 2000 with General Skandor Akbar

Triple Threat Elimination Match:

Sidd Murder defeated All American Mad Dog & Jason Silver

Tag Team Action:

Austin Rhodes & Bubba Dumplin defeated Sabastain Morton & BOSS


Ryan Genesis defeated Craven

Crymsyn defeated AJ Rush

Mark Orton defeated Chris Preston managed by Jaggers Inc.


Xtreme Spring Stampede    Greenwood, S.C. 

Greenwood Civic Center 

Brad Anderson beat George South Sr.

"Boogaloo Crew" JC Dazz & Scottie Wrenn beat "Carolina Connection" Jeremy V & Brandon P.

David Flair beat Alan Funk.

Tracy Brooks beat ODB.

Ricky Morton, "Buff" Bagwell, & Lash Leroux beat The Midnight Express- Bobby Eaton, Dennis Condrey, & Stan Lane.

 Demolition Ax & Barbarian beat "Buff" Bagwell & Hardcore Champion The Shooter in a 24/7 hardcore rules match. During the match Barbarian and The Shooter went into the stands. Barbarian went to toss Shooter over the railing on to the top of the Budweiser van. But Shooter ended up landing on the windshield of the van and sliding down between the bleachers and the front of the van. Barbarian went under the bleachers to get Shooter off the van because there were no other way to get Shooter out. After coming out from under the bleachers they made their way back to ringside and up the entrance ramp to the top. Barbarian set up a table and Ax came up to help Barbarian lift Shooter up and put him threw the table. Barbarian set another table up and Ax and Barbarian put Shooter threw it also. Barbarian covered Shooter to win the Hardcore title. Shooter was stretcher of to the back. During all this Buff was handcuffed at the ring.

Notes: UCW Heavyweight Champion Johnny Swinger was interviewed by Tom Prichard during the show. He forfeited the title because he is head to WWE.
Report by Pro Wrestling Illustrated Writer: DAN PARRIS

 VALENTINE'S  DAY       MASSACRE            Recap by Mark Winslow

On Saturday, February 14th  UCW presented "Valentine's Day Massacre" at the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Complex in Anderson, SC. It was an event that was a must see for all wrestling fans. Not just wrestling fans in the Carolinas, but ALL wrestling fans. Now let's get to the matches, results, ratings and the aftermath.

The night began with a wild crowd of nearly 600 in attendance that were ready for action. And, boy were they about to get it. As Jeremy Borash was making the opening announcements and thank you's to the UCW sponsors he was rudely interrupted by the ring music of the Disco Inferno. Yep, Glen Gilbertti was on his way to the ring and he was not by himself. After a few minutes of dancing, mister Gilbertti grabbed the mic away from Borash and began to explain that he was sick and tired of kissing the asses of the UCW fans. That it was getting him no where. And from now on he was looking out for #1. He also introduced the UCW fans to...Trinity. He said that Trinity was with him tonight and that they were looking for a rumble. Well, in UCW you had better be careful what you ask for. Because as soon as the words left his mouth, he received an answer. And that answer came in the form of David Flair and ODB. Both were making their UCW debuts and they were more than glad to accept the challenge of the bragging disco dancers. That set us up for a big match later on and we were off and running.

The first match was a dark match between the Handsome Stranger and Shane Austin. This Shane Austin is from Charlotte, NC and he pretty much took the fight to the Stranger. He disposed of him in a little less than 5 minutes with a gorilla press slam into a Samoan drop and was on his way to the pay window. Let me add that Shane Austin apparently impressed the management of UCW. I say this because I overheard him being told that he needed to show up the next night in King's Mountain, NC. He had earned himself a spot on the regular roster.

Then we kicked off the live TV taping and one hell of a match.

"The Feature Presentation" Jeff Lewis (UCW American Junior Heavyweight Champion) defends the title in a 4-way dance against Dylan Rage, Mike Sanders and Chris Hamrick. This match was one for the ages. I mean that it was a real barn burner. From the opening bell it was a wild go round as Sanders attacked Rage, and Hamrick took the fight to the champion.  Lewis immediately rolled to the floor after a huge backdrop from Hamrick. In the mean time, Rage had turned the tables on Sanders and was lighting him up. Rage nailed his "time warp" body press on Sanders but could only get a two count. Next Rage hit a beautiful missile drop kick on Sanders, but still only got a two count. Sanders recovered in time to nail a boot to the gut of Rage and then an off the rope face buster that Lewis turned into an X-factor to score the 1-2-3 and Rage was gone. It then appeared that Sanders and Lewis were about to double team Hamrick and make short work of him. Instead, it was Hamrick that laid the smackdown on his opponents. Honestly, words cannot describe the next 6-7 minutes of action. Hamrick was totally off the hook. You must buy the DVD just to see this match alone. Finally, Lewis and Sanders began to fight over who would eliminate Hamrick. After a "double-shot " from Sanders, Hamrick was down for the count. But, Lewis cheap shotted Sanders and made the pin himself. Lewis had now eliminated Rage and Hamrick.  He thought that he had the advantage and would get a quick pin on Sanders. He even used the ropes for leverage after a quick roll up cradle. But referee Dale Robinson caught him with his feet on the ropes and stopped the count. Lewis was enraged about that fact and was rolled up himself. This time the referee missed Sanders feet on the ropes as he was crowned the NEW UCW American Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Aftermath...I was a witness to the post match argument between Sanders and the current UCW Universal Heavyweight Champion. It seems that there is some kind of a problem going on in the camp of the heavyweight champion.

Next was Lodi against the "One man Mafia" Mikal Adryan. Lodi has been making a name for himself as of late in UCW and is looking for a title match with (UCW American Heavyweight Champion) Ricky Morton. I was told that this was a must win for Lodi if he wants that title match. Let me say that Adryan has been a major name in the Carolinas and Georgia for the last couple of years. But he was a big fish in a small pond. And now he was making his UCW debut. He has not always endeared himself to the fans but on this night he was clearly the favorite. He got the crowd behind him immediately by tearing up several of Lodi's signs and the fight was on. It was back and forth until Adryan attempted a spear on Lodi in the corner. Lodi moved and Adryan sailed through the ropes and hit the steel post with his shoulder. Lodi took quick advantage of the situation. Adryan fought a valiant bout and appeared to have the win. He set Lodi up for the "Assisted Suicide" only to have Lodi slide out and nail a DDT for the 1-2-3.

Aftermath...Several people told me that Adryan was upset with his debut loss. He was later seen having a conversation with his old friend, Norton Lewis. I can only imagine that no good will come out of that conversation.

All right folks, this should be enough to wet your appetite. Please do yourself a favor and buy the "Valentine's Day Massacre" DVD. It will be well worth the money.

UCW American Heavyweight Champion Ricky Morton defeated the Barbarian to keep his title.

George South Pinned Mack Truck

Next was the 4 way "Random Roulette" tag team match. To determine the first ever UCW Universal Tag Team Champions. The championship committee had named 4 teams as top contenders for the titles. In this match you could tag anybody into the match regardless of the fact that he wasn't your partner. But, whoever got the first pin was the champs. It was also determined earlier in the week that the UCW Universal Hardcore Title was now to be defended 24/7. That was real important because the Champion "The Shooter" and his partner Scottie Wrenn were announced as one of the teams in this match. They were to face the "Carolina Connection" Brandon P & Jeremy V, "Blackout" Murder One and Rainman as well as the Lewis Bothers along with their manager Sensational Summer. I don't want to spill all the beans on this match because it was great. But, in the end the Lewis Brothers hit the "Emergency Room Visit" on Jeremy V and we have NEW Champions. Yes, Norton and Cruizer Lewis have now added the UCW Tag Team titles to the long list of championships they have held.


You would have thought that it was over as Blackout and the Carolina Connection left the ringside area. But, it appeared that the Lewis Brothers had a different idea. They challenged Shooter and Wrenn on the spot. While the brothers had their attention Summer was busy pulling a road sign from underneath the ring. It appeared that we were about to go hardcore. Wrenn and Shooter got back to back and were waiting on the champs to attack and then... OH MY GOD!!! Norton slides the sign to Scottie Wrenn who knocks the complete hell out of the Shooter and we have a new Hardcore Champion. It was a set up. But, how did the Lewis Brothers get to Scottie Wrenn?

Aftermath... I went straight to the backstage interview area where the Lewis Bothers and Wrenn were celebrating the victory.  They were all smiles as they bragged about how they were gonna collect all the UCW gold before it was all over. It was apparent that we were now viewing the newest UCW clique that Norton Lewis had dubbed "The Next Level." Before they left the photo shoot Summer told me to tell the fans one thing, "we're not finished yet."

You would have thought that this was enough but NO Way. Remember, this is a live TV taping and we are only at intermission.

During the intermission, the championship committee decided that Scottie Wrenn would defend his newly won UCW Universal Hardcore Title in the main event. His opponent would be none other than the former champion, The Shooter. And the match was to be held in a 15 foot steel cage. And as if that wasn't enough, they had also declared that it would be TLC rules. The first ever TLC cage match was gonna happen in Anderson, SC in UCW.

When we came back from intermission we went right at it. As promised earlier in the night The Disco Inferno and Trinity squared off against David Flair and ODB in a mixed tag team match. It was hard fought with a surprise ending that you will want to see. As ODB and Flair score the win.

The Lewis Brother defeated the team of Morbid and Donavon Cruise to keep the UCW tag team titles.

Maxx Mayhem "The Bodyguard" made his in ring debut in a handicap match against Rex Rumble and Jason King and it was not a pretty sight. Mayhem is a monster and he made quick work of these two guys.

Next we saw the UCW Universal Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Swinger defend the title against Perry Saturn. These two old foes were nip and tuck all the way but in the end Swinger was victorious. All he needed was a little help from Mike Sanders and Maxx Mayhem to score the win.

Aftermath...It was reported that once again there was a huge argument between Sanders and Swinger in the dressing room area. I was told that Sanders made the statement that he didn't need Maxx Mayhem to watch his back and as a matter of fact he didn't need Swinger either. I don't know exactly what to make of that. We will have to wait and see.

Then it was time for the main event of the evening. TLC in a cage with the UCW hardcore Title on the line. The champion, Scottie Wrenn came to the ring accompanied by the Lewis Brothers. They seemed to have a plan of action and were gonna stick to it.  So as the Shooter made his way to the ring he was attacked by Wrenn. He managed to fight him off only to be way laid by Norton Lewis. After ramming Norton head first into the cage he was pearl harbored by Cruizer Lewis and now was taking a beating. Finally, the referees ordered the Lewis Brothers to the dressing room area. And The match had not even begun yet. When the two combatants made their way into the cage the carnage began. I cannot find the proper words to explain the match. Like we said earlier, tables, ladders and chairs were used. As well as road signs, and fire. In the end Shooter pulled out the win to become the NEW UCW Universal Hardcore Champion.

Somerset, Kentucky

JC BAILEY defeated
SIMON SEZZ w/ Don Ramone
MAXX MISERY defeated BUFF BAGWELL after RICK STEINER attacked BUFF during the match.
The SHOOTER successfully defended the UCW Hardcore titile against GRUNGE
defeated one half of The Dobbins Brothers- JASON DOBBINS
for UCW UNIVERSAL TITLE # 1 contenders match




      VALENTINE'S MASSACRE 3          

           Greenwood, South Carolina             GREENWOOD CIVIC CENTER 

Chris Hamrick defeated Justin Idol

American Jr. heavyweight Champ -Mike Sanders defeated Kwee Wee- Alan Funk

Scotty Wrenn defeated Jeremy V

 Krissy Vaine defeated Amber O'Neal

Hardcor Champ-The Shooter defeated Barbarian

Lex Luger & NWO's  Sting defeated George South Sr & McNasty

 Rick Steiner defeated Universal Heavyweight Champion -  Johnny Swinger by DQ,

The Midnight Express-Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton defeated The Rock & Roll Express-Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson to win the UCW tag titles in a 2/3 fall match with The Boogie Woogie Man & WWE Hall of Famer-Jimmy Valiant as referee.



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